Review Policy

I am currently open to receiving books from publishers to review. If you are interested in having my honest review then please read the following review policy and email me at



I provide an honest review on all books that I read. These are based on my personal opinion. I publish my reviews on my blog and goodreads and promote them via Instagram and Twitter. At your request I can also include a review on other platforms. If you are requesting a review for an ARC then I will aim to publish my review before book launch. If this time frame is not suitable then please contact me directly.



I primarily prefer fiction and I am quite selective with my non-fiction reading. My preferred genres are as follows: historical fiction, YA, fantasy, magical realism, literary, gothic and some poetry. I do not read crime or thrillers and will not review them. I will consider non-fiction books on a case by case basis.



I am open to both eBooks and physical copies of book. Please keep in mind that a most of my content is posted on instagram in photo format.



Head to my Contact page or email your request to