November 2017 Wrap Up


I am here with my November 2017 Wrap Up! These are the book I read in November. I took part in Nonfiction November and am very pleased that I read 3 nonfiction books, which doubles the nonfiction I’ve read this year.

I read a total of 10 books which was way more than I thought. I read 3 Nonfiction, 1 Contemporary, 2 Historical Fiction, and 4 Fantasy.

Onto the ratings!

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Top 5 Authors you’d Like to Write Like

Hi again! it’s been a while so I thought I’d so another Top 5 Wednesday. Today’s topic is the books we’re thankful for. In honour of NaNoWriMo wrapping up, we are discussing some authors we’d like to write like. Whether its their writing style, what genre they write in, or how many books they manage to churn out a year!

Speaking of NaNoWriMo, I am currently participating so hence why this post is late. Sorry!

Top 5 Wednesday was created over on BookTube by the wonderful Laniey at gingerreadslaniey and run by the lovely Sam of Thoughts on Tomes . Also you can check out the Goodreads page for past and future topics.

All the authors are listed in no particular order. And they’re all amazing and highly recommend that you read their work!


Sharon Kay Penman

I am in awe of this women’s work! They way she is able to add in all the necessary historical details and settings without getting in the way of her story. Also all her books are massive but don’t feel dragged out or weighed down by the page numbers. Penman’s ability to weave in the history and bring characters to life is something I’d like to achieve in my own work. When reading her books she has me hoping that maybe something different will happen and leaves me devastated it plays out like the history and tragedy ensues.


Kirsty Logan

I fell in love with Kirsty Logan’s work from the opening line of The Gracekeepers. Her poses has a poetic beauty and there’s a fairytale whimsy to her worlds that I adore. The way she’s able to mix fairytales with her narrative while given them new life is amazing—especially since I see ‘fairytale inspired’ or ‘fairytale retelling’ and by the book. I am so excited for a new book with is coming out next year. I love the fact that she uses the fairytales and folklore of her Scottish homeland. For me, I would love to be able to write in a lyrical fashion and weave in the folk stories I love.


Lani Taylor

Lani Taylor is a new discover for me, I read her Daughter of Smoke and Bone series earlier this and damn this girl can write! The prose is lyrical and her description are poetic. The world she created in this series is stunning and unlike any that I’ve read before and she has this way of uncovering the world and the creatures slowly revealing more each book. She’s found a way to balance a beautiful writing style with engaging and inventive world building and that this why she’s on this list.


F. Scott Fitzgerald

F. Scott Fitzgerald is hands down one of my favourite writers—next year I am hoping to read the rest of his works. His writing is breathtaking and feels effortless. He has a way of creating these deeply profound but succinct character descriptions. The way he built his characters was incredible. They are all deeply flawed human beings who at times frustrate you. His stories aren’t plot driven and it’s his group of very unlike characters that pull you through the narrative. You may not like them but you sure what to know how their lives turned out and if they will pay for their horrid life choices. I hope that I can learn something from his work and be able to create complex and engaging characters.


Conn Iggulden

Conn Iggulden’s Wars of the Roses series is amazing—even if he took the Shakespearian approach to my poor Richard. What makes his work so amazing is that he’s able to make these historical figures feel like fully formed people, like what you get in a fantasy or contemporary novel. All the history is there but it seems to unfold from these characters effortlessly so much so that at times I had to remind myself what genre I was reading. I am definitely going to pick up his other series. I’m interested to see what he’s done with The Huns and the Romans. I would love to be able to make historical characters feel like vivid and like they could jump of the page at any moment.


That’s all for me. Comment down below and let me know if you’ve read any of these or some of the books you’re thankful for.
Until next time, happy reading!

September 2017 Warp Up


I am here with my September 2017 Wrap Up! These are the book I read in the second half of September. Since #TheReadingChallenge took place in the first half of the month and I’ve already wrapped up those books.

I read a total of 6 books which I am really happy about. I read 1 Picture Storybook, 1 Anthology, 1 YA, 1 Historical Fiction and 2 Fantasy.

Onto the ratings!

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Authors I Really Should’ve Read By Now

Hi all! Today I wanted to share with you some authors I have yet to read. Much like my T5W Series I Want to Start in 2016, this post will hopefully shame me into picking up these authors works sooner rather than later.



#10 Bram Stoker

I adore gothic fiction and like most girls my age was obsessed with Twilight. To the point where for most of my High School years I wouldn’t read anything that didn’t have a fanged blood-sucker as the love interest. So I think it’s about time I read the original vampire story.


#9 Neil Gaiman

This past year I’ve been slowly collection a bunch of Gaiman’s work because they all sound like things I’ll be interested in. Mythology, fantasy worlds, a misplaced Antichrist, falling stars, alternate cities, gothic lyrical writing. I hope to get to one of his books this year.


#8 Stephen King

Not only is this man a prolific writer, he’s my mum favourite author. Which means I have access to a large portion of his works… yet I still have read to one. Also my friend, Bree, gifted me with my own, beautiful copy of The Green Mile which – you guessed it – is also unread.


#7 Rick Riordan

I love mythology. I love the world Riordan had created.  I love the movie adaptations of his Percy Jackson and the Olympian series so why haven’t I picked up these up?


#6 J.R.R Tolkein

Yep you read correctly, I have yet to read the King of Fantasy. Tolkein’s world building is crazy – I mean he created his own language. This is a well loved world and one that I really want to experience for myself. I didn’t particularly enjoy the movies but I hear the books or 1000x better so I’m excited.


#5 Thomas Harris

The man who created the world’s most interesting character, Hannibal Lector, the polite serial killer. I just want to read these books just to get to know this twisted character better – that sounds weird I know.


#4 Elizabeth Chadwick

Chadwick writes historical fiction, which I love, and focuses purely on the Plantagenet monarch, who I’m fascinated with. Again why haven’t I gotten to any on her books? I own one and


#3 Kate Forsyth

I need to read her! Not only is she an Australian author but she is a pretty prolific writer. Also she spins historical fiction with fairy tale retellings. Do I need to say more?


#2 Alexander Dumas

The man behind one of my favourite group of characters, The Three Musketeers. I have watched and adored just about every adaption. I am naming my puppy d’Artangan. So I think it’s about time I read the source material


#1 Susan Hill

I had no idea that the scariest movie ever, The Women in Black, is a novel. She’s is a gothic horror writer which is a genre I adore. I need to read anything by the lady!



That’s it for me. Comment down below and let me which author’s you have still yet to get to.

Until next time, happy reading!