Lit Chat: The Namesake


I’m here today with another Lit Chat. This series was inspired by Lauren from Lauren and the Books over on YouTube and the Lit Chat cards created by BookRiot.

Today’s card is The Namesake



Do you pay attention to who the publisher is? Do you have a favourite publisher?

I will say I’ve been noticing publisher more since starting blogging and studying writing at Uni. Like record labels, are a great way for finding books that similar to ones you already love.

For mainstream publishers, Bloomsbury would be my favourite and for indie publishers, I always keep an eye on way Text Publishing is doing.


If it has been Pigeon Books instead of Penguin Books would the company have been as successful? What you name your publishing house?

I think Penguin would be a successful publishing house if it has been called Pigeon Books because I think on average what people are drawn to is the book itself rather than the publisher.

Hmm if I was going to have a publishing house I would name it, Titan Press.




That’s it for me. Comment down below and let me know who’s your favourite publisher? 

Until next time, happy reading!

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