Hi all!

Since it’s the end of the year, which still doesn’t feel real, I thought I’d look back on my reading year with a survey.

I’ve adapted this from questions for Cait at paper fury. It looked like fun and the pie chats looked so cute. You will be glad to know that I found a way to simplify the pie chart making process, and now have a spreadsheet which I fill in throughout the year and it automatically makes the charts yay!!

Also this is for the all books I’ve read in 2018 so not all where released this year.

Reading Stats.jpg

Number of books read: 65
Number of rereads: 3


Reading Challenges

This year I took part in two reading challenges:

  • Goodreads Challenges
  • Around the Year in 52 Books


Goodreads Challenge

Screen Shot 2019-01-05 at 3.12.23 pm.png


In 2016 I read 93 books so I set this challenge for 75. So I didn’t quite make this one because in 2018 I started my first every full time job and I really under estimated how busy we got around the middle of the year. I would come home to would to so tried I didn’t want to read which sadly resulted me finishing 0 books in July.

To read 65 books in a year is still a ton and I’m really happy with that and most of my reads was over 4 stars and over.



Around The Year in 52 Books

Goal: 52
Read: 40

I really do love this challenge and I will do it again in 2019. I’ve figured out that I’m not so great when it comes to assigned reading, even if they’re books I actually want to read. So I’m pretty happy with this.


Star Ratings


Star Rating


I had a really good reading year in 2018, with most of my reading being 4 to 5 stars — fourteen 4 starts, twelve 4.5 stars and nineteen 5 star reads. And my lowest rating was 2.5 stars.

My average rating for the year was 4 stars


5 star reads.jpg

These are all my 5 star reads for the year!




Year Published



This year almost half of the books I read came out in 2018, 2016 and 2017. I was lucky enough to get my hands on some ARCs and I am so thankful.

Look back at my reading from the last two years, I realised I read either classics or books published within the last 5 years. I would really like to read some books that were published in the 70s and 80s.


Genres Read




2018 was the year of fantasy books, not so surprising given I love reading escapist fiction when feeling stressed or run down which I was this year. Thank you for to the fantasy genre for helping me get though all the amazing up and downs of 2018.


Target Audience





I always think I read more YA than this pie chart suggest. Again I would really love to read some more Middle Grade. I think that age range has some of the most creative and whimsical worlds and I’d like to explore it more.






No surprises that the paperback and hardback books where the formats for most of the books I read because when I read I like to switch off from computer screens and physical books are the best way to fo that.

I got to my first audio book this year and I think this format would be the perfect way to get to some of the awesome non fiction titles on my TBR.


Page Numbers



The shortest book I read was Ocean Deep by Darshana Suresh at 29 pages and Five Families: The Rise, Decline, and Resurgence of America’s Most Powerful Mafia Empires  by Selwyn Raab was the longest book I read at 784 pages.

305 pages was the average length for the books I read.

Author Gender




The author’s gender isn’t something I take into consideration when picking a books, but as a female writer myself I am glad that I’m supporting other lady authors.

Series or Standalone

Standalone v Series


2018 was the year of standalone books. I read 28 standalones, started 15 new series and read 9 sequels.

I really need to stop the trend of starting a whole heap of new series and not getting to the sequels for years and years 😂😂😂.



That’s all for me. Comment down below and let me know what your favourite read of the year. 

Until next time, happy reading and happy New Year!

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