Fresh Meet

Author: Jasmin Miller

First Published: 26 February 2020

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

“He makes me feel wanted … like I’m enough. It’s simple, yet powerful.”

I will start by saying that I was given an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review. These opinions are my own. Thank you so much to Jasmin for sending a copy my way!

Fans call me the king of the water. I’m focused, driven, and most importantly, I win.

Life as a professional swimmer comes with sacrifices, but they’ve never worried me. I’m used to life with little room for anything but training, eating, and sleeping.

Nothing more, nothing less.

When a son I knew nothing about lands on my doorstep—and a crazy but very beautiful nanny shortly after—my life is turned upside down. Allowing any change into my life could put my goals and dreams in jeopardy, and I’ve worked too hard and too long for them.

When I’m tempted to look beyond lap times and medals to bedtime stories and the possibility of love, I face one of the hardest questions of my life: is it worth the risk?

Fresh Meet is the standalone sequel to Secret Plunge and follows Olympic swimmer, Jace Atwood and children’s entertainer Millie Davis. This book has the right amount of sweet romance and steamy scenes. Honestly, I am hooked on this series. This book might be my favourite so far.

Jace’s life gets turned upside down when he receives a letter from a past fling. She has passed away and left him with custody of their son, Tanner. Jace is out of his depth. He’s trying to balance his intense training schedule with raising his son. Jace needs help. He needs a nanny. Enter Millie. Millie has recently lost her job on kid’s show Wiggle Time. While waiting for a chance to audition for another popular kid’s show, she needs a job. She loves children and newly single dad, Jace, needs a nanny. It’s a perfect match.

Jace has spent most of his life religiously sticking to a strict training routine. His past relationships are a series of flings because swimming is his life. He has the records and medals to prove it. It does take him a little to get into the swing of his new routine. It was amazing to see him have an equally strong dedication to his son that he has with swimming.

For me, Millie steals the show. I adore that she is a children’s entertainer. She is a wonderful ray of sunshine that wants to make the world a happier place. My heart broke at how her family dismissed her because she doesn’t have a high profiled job. It doesn’t seem to matter to them that she loves her job and loves being around kids. It was wonderful to see her overcome her anxiety and realise that she is worth more than her family’s opinion.  

Jace and Millie don’t hit it off on the right foot. Jace is a bit of a dick when he first meets Millie and judges the way she dresses. I loved the slow burn to the romance. I also enjoyed that none of the drama came from miscommunication. Jace and Millie, while having their flaws and issues, it was amazing to see how they supported each other.

Tanner is honestly one of the cutest kids I’ve ever read. I love the instant connection he had to Millie. Not only does he recognise her from Wiggle Time, but also she’s the first person to be able to communicate with him via sign language. Jace has zero experience with kids. I adore watching Tanner and Jace’s relationship grow. There’s no doubt that Jace loves his son and will do everything he can to protect him, but he needs a helping hand, which is where Millie comes in. She is the perfect teacher for him.

I don’t know what it is about single dad romances that I can’t get enough of. I do not want kids right now, but there is some about Jace who’s changed his whole life no questions asked to make room for the son he never knew about that makes my ovaries explode.  

Fresh Meet is a successful addition to the series. If you love sports romances and the single dad trope this is the perfect read for you. I loved the exploration of speech difficulties and the inclusion of sign language. I cannot wait to get to the next book, Second Dive, which features the grumpy and broody one of the group, Noah Winters.

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