What Happens on Tour

Author: Luci Fer

First Published: 15 August 2021

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

“Charlie, you’re as important as the music. I won’t choose. I want to find a way where both live parallel in my world. You and my band are all that matter.”

I will start by saying that I was given a copy in exchange for an honest review. These opinions are my own. Thank you so much to Luci for sending a copy my way!

Having started at the record label at the same time, Lead Musician Braxton Carson and his band have forged a solid friendship with Photographer Charlotte (Charlie) Bancroft. The entire group is thrilled to learn that they will be traveling together on Tour in the upcoming weeks.

The band ventures on a road trip around their country to connect with fans in remote areas, rather than just playing for the big city stadiums. It doesn’t take long for the Tour to show the close bonds they all share as friends, while also uncovering the undertones of romance between the two leads.

After just a few stops on the Tour, we learn that not only do Brax and Charlie have very similar interests, they also have an unspoken longing for each other. Their rather comical similarities and differences guarantee a hysterical and eventful trip ahead.

A night of drinking and mayhem with the band reveals Brax’s true intentions for Charlie. After an awkward conversation, the sizzling spark we’ve sensed intensifies when Brax takes what he feels is his only shot of getting the girl.

True feelings ignite and humour unravels as the band learns of the shift in the relationship status. When a catastrophic chain of events unfolds, will Brax and Charlie fight for their love or crumble under the intense scrutiny?

After all, what’s a relationship without a little drama?

I never knew how much I needed a rockstar romance that is set in Australia! I have spent most of my life at local gigs and festivals so having this book was everything. The way Luci Fer captured the Australian landscape, the summer vibes and our slang is amazing. I need more of this stat!

Brax and Charlie first meet before job interviews with a record label. Both have just arrived in Sydney looking to chase their dreams in the music industry. Brax is a musician and Charlie is a photographer. They both got the job and have been fast friend ever since. Charlie is joining Brax and Abandon Bygone on tour after a oversight from the band’s manager left them without a tour photographer. The band, Brax in particular, is thrilled she is joining them. Abandon Bygone have decided to embark on a regional tour to connect with their fans from remote areas before the release of their latest album, which might launch them onto the world’s stage.

Brax honestly has stolen my heart! He is the sweetest human. The way he supports and encourages Charlie melts my heart. He fell first and boy did he fall hard. Brax is someone who gives his whole heart and being into going after what he wants. He did that with his band and is doing the same with his relationship with Charlie.

Brax and Charlie have been pining for each other from the start. Both have been scared to make a move in case it ruins their friendship. Being on tour and away from their daily routine feels like it gives them the courage to try a relationship. The steamy times in here are excellent. A fair few left me needing to cool down.

I am so unbelievable glad that the third-act conflict was not a breakup. It was not something I was expecting but it helps to explain why Charlie avoids the spotlight and has no confidence in herself. Watching Charlie learn to believe in herself is empowering. Seeing how she stood up to her family to fight for her relationship and career was incredible. She does face some setbacks throughout the narrative that feels realistic as she is fighting against years of manipulation, which is part of her growth.

While I’m not the hugest fan of hip hop, I adore how Luci describes their music. You can feel the energy of their gigs come off the page. The dynamic between the guys feels realistic. You can tell they have been friends for years. I adore these side characters. Chester might just be my favourite – he is charmingly cheeky and loyal to a fault. I have my fingers and toes crossed that we get more from their perspectives since a few of them had their own romance start to bloom.

Music plays a large part in the narrative, which is a must for my rockstar romances. The band is going on a regional tour across Australia. Some scenes do feel repetitive, but they reflect the realities of touring. The band is stuck in the bus for chucks of time as they travel from town to town. They often stay a few nights to be able to include some promotional events alongside their gigs. The band has just got to WA at the end of What Happens on Tour. Not going to lie I am excited to see them get to Victoria.

What Happens on Tour is a sweet, friends-to-lovers romance which is packed with all the spice you need. It is the rockstar romance of my dreams. We do need more rockstar romances set in Australia! Please and thank you. I am beyond excited to read more from this series. My heart and soul are ready.

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