A Mostly Christmas Book Haul

Hi all! It’s raining and yuck outside so I thought this would be the perfect day to share with you all the books I adopted last month. I will split these books into two sections a) Ones I brought for myself early December and b) those I got either for christmas or with christmas money.

You might notice that a few of these books, mostly the non-fiction, share a specific theme. Well that’s because I need to some serious research for my current writing project. Also if you have any book recommendation fitting to this era please let me know!

This post is going to be mostly pretty pictures so sit back and enjoy the books.





Now all these poetry pamphlets are one I order a while back but arrived in December

  • 100 Poems Jen Campbell – This is the final collection of the 100 poems Jen wrote in 48 hours to raise money for the Book Bus. You can no longer buy physical copies but if you’re interested you can read all the poems here.
  • Teaching my Mother How to Give Birth by Warsan Shire – I found this poet after the horrid Pairs Attacks as one of her poems when viral. It was beautiful so I knew I had to read more of her work
  • The Exhibit by Lauren Eggert-Crowe





  • Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder – Thank you to my little brother for getting me this one!
  • Love in a Cold Climate by Nancy Mitford – My mum got of a Blind Date book which is run by an Australian book shop- the middle photos are the clues! Thank you so much Mama! I’m looking forward to this one. I think these are the perfect bookish present and you can even get custom orders made.









So that’s it for this book haul. Comment down below and let me know what books you got for Christmas or in December.

Until next time, happy reading!





8 thoughts on “A Mostly Christmas Book Haul

      1. That will be a great introduction to his work! It’s a nice blend of creepy and unusual, but also showcases his general fiction abilities. It’s also not nearly as terrifying as he is known for so its a great stepping stone 🙂

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  1. I really need to read some of Warsan Shire poetry, the poetry seems very beloved. I also need to get my hands on The Dumb House, luckily I have The Gracekeepers now, so I can read that firs.

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