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Author: Kate Mildenhall

Publisher: Black Inc.

Published: August 2016

Rating: 4 stars



‘I remember the way Harriet turned, breathless, laughing, a strand of her golden hair caught on her bottom lip. 
After that, I try not to remember’

Skylarking takes place on an isolated Australian cape in the 1880s. It follows Kate and Harriet, the daughters of lighthouse keepers. The pair grows up together and consequently shares everything until fishermen, McPhail, moved into their tiny community.

Mildenhall has created a beautiful and immersive novel. It’s hard to believe it’s her debut! After a while you can hear the waves crash against the cost and feel the salt brine on your skin. Skylarking is based on true events. Mildenhall has done a beautiful job of bringing the story to life and showing all the complexities of a tight knit friendship.

I highly recommend and am looking forward to Mildenhall’s next novel!

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