Bad News: Last Journalist in a Dictatorship

Bad News

Author: Anjan Sundaram

Publisher: Bloomsbury Circus

Published: 2016

Rating: 4 stars



“But the written word belongs to no one. It has no source, no root that can be annihilated. It passes from hand to hand. It is destroyed; new words are written.”

What is the price of knowledge? Or free speech? In our Western world these are fundamental rights we take for granted. Bad News shows us just what that price is.

Sundaram gives us insight into a country still feeling the political and social unrest of the 1994 Rwandan genocide that shocked the world.

Sundaram is a journalist who is teaching a class of Rwandan reporters. This book is not one for the faint of heart. While not overtly gory, Sundaram is blunt is his recount of his time in Rwanda. He refuses to censor his own or his students experiences.

Bad News will tear you apart in all the right ways but leave you hopefully that change can happen.

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