#TheReadingQuest TBR

Hi there,

I did post my TBR on Instagram before the challenge started but I thought I’d post it here too.

#TheReadingQuest is an awesome four week reading challenge based on video games. The challenge runs from Sunday 13 August to Sunday 10 August. The challenge runs like a bingo board with each title representing a stage (reading prompt) you must complete. The difference is that you’re starting point on the grid depends on the character class you chose.

For more info about the challenge head to Read at Midnight’s blog.

There are four character classes – each represent a character type for a video game:


For this challenge I’ve chosen the The MAGE!

The books I’ve chosen to read are:

  • Book with a one word title: Arcadia by Iain Pear
  • Book that contains magic: Truthwitch by Susan Dennard
  • Book based on Mythology: The Firebrand by Marion Zimmerman Bradley
  • Book set in a different world: Windwitch by Susan Dennard
  • First book in a series: Loki’s Wolves by K.L. Armstrong & M.A. Marr

All the artwork has been created by the wonderful CW of Read, Think, Ponder.

That’s all for me. Comment down below and let me know if you’re taken part in the challenge and let me know what you’re planning on reading.

Until next time, happy reading!



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