2019 Reading Challenges & Goals


It’s the end of 2018 — I can’t hardly believe it! Man, this year has flown past. I’m not going to lie it wasn’t all easy but I’m glad to see it end, here’s to 2019!

So, since it’s only fitting, I thought I’d share with you my goals and challenges for 2019.


Goodreads Challenge

Hosted by: Goodreads

Goal: 52 books

Check my progress here

I didn’t reach my goal of 75 books this year, which kinda sucked mostly because it’s was stressing me out. So I thought I would lower this goal for the year as 52 books to read for the year is something I can do and I just want this challenge to be fun.



Around the Year in 52 Books

Hosted by: LauraZazSophieEmm and Katie

Goodreads group

I love this challenge — even though I have never completed it 😂😂😂. The challenges are always interesting and I’m excited for 2019’s prompts.

I will say, that I haven’t picked out book for each prompt like I normally do, mostly because I am horrible when it comes to sticking to TRBs or Reading Lists.



A to Z Challenges

This is a new challenge for me and one that’s quite simple. The goal is to read a book for each letter of the alphabet. You can use ANY of the first letters of the main words in a title of a book (don’t use words like “a”, “the”, “or”, and “of”).



Shelf Mastery

So this is a new spin on my overall goal, of please-stop-buying-books-and-read-the-ones-you-already-have-thank-you! So I’ve decided to tackle this one again. I was inspired by Desirea of Libri Labra over on BookTube, who has started this Shelf Mastery challenge.

The goal is to reduce the number of books you buy and read the one’s you own to help reduce the unread book anxiety.

I have just started taking inventory of my books, noting down what I have and haven’t read and it’s starting to get a little scary considering I haven’t even dived into the main portion of the book collection — the shelves in my room.

I have used Desirea’s google file sheet to note down my books which are you more then welcome to check out, if you are nosy like me and want to know what books I currently own — Dearna’s Library.





I thought it would include some of my writing goals for the year here since, for me, reading and writing do go hand in hand. For my writing goal I have three simple goals:

  1. Write 1000 words a week
  2. Finish manuscript
  3. Finish the last course of my degree — since I really cannot keep putting it off!



That’s all for me. Let me know what your reading plans for 2019 are. 

Until next time,

Happy reading!






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