The Best Kind of Mistake

The Best Kind of Mistake.jpg


Author: Jasmin Miller

First Published: 2 May 2019

Rating: 3.5 stars




We’ve definitely become friends—friends that sometimes stare at each other, and maybe, just maybe, imagine the other one naked on occasion too.”


I will start by saying that I was given an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review. These opinions are my own. Thank you so much to Jasmin for sending a copy my way!

Life regret number one: Moving into an apartment where all I hear are the moans coming from my downstairs neighbour’s apartment. It’s pretty obvious what’s happening behind those doors, which is even more frustrating when you aren’t getting any action yourself. 

To make matters worse, I got fired from my job, and my savings account is pathetic. That means I can’t eat my body weight in donuts, even if I wanted to…and I really want to. Thanks to my sister, though, I have a new work opportunity lined up, and I promised myself I wouldn’t do anything to lose this one. Until I realise my new boss, Logan, is none other than my sex god of a neighbour.

Keeping my ever-growing attraction to him in check proves to be a lot harder than I thought, especially with my knowledge of his extracurricular activities. When my new job as his photography assistant keeps throwing us together–sometimes completely eliminating our personal space–I find it more and more difficult to remember why I’m supposed to stay away from him.

Hi, I’m Ember Keaton, and I suck at adulting.


I was very lucky to win a copy of this novella in the giveaway. This year, my love of romance has shown no bounds so I picked this up straight away. I flew through this story. It was adorable!

The Best Kind of Mistake is told in dual first-person perspectives. I enjoy when romance books do this because we can see the romance unfold from both sides. Miller did a great job of distinguishing the voices of Ember and Logan. I never felt lost in who’s point of view we were in.

Ember is trying to make her life as an independent adult and it’s really not going so well for her. The walls of her apartment are too thin and her neighbour seems to enjoy loud sexy times at all hours of the night. Also, she’s lost her job. Lucky for her, her sister has found her work as a photographer’s assistant. And surprise, surprise, her new boss is her loud neighbour.

Ember’s character is relatable. Her voice had me laughing out loud. I enjoyed her perspective on the struggles of life as a twenty-something trying to be independent. She throws her whole self into this job. This is something she’s done before but she personable and has no trouble talking to her clients and getting them to relax for the camera. Also loved that she has pink hair.

Logan comes across as a bit of a snob but really he is a sweetheart. The man is a world famous photographer but is home to help out his mom while she takes some time off from her business to have surgery. I adore how he respects her and what she can do. Even though we know that Logan is smitten with her from their first meeting, he actively tries to ignore this, as he is her boss. But the pair is drawn to each other.

The chemistry between the two is amazing. My heart swooned when they demonstrate some poses for an engagement announcement photo shoot. They were so wrapped up in the other that they forgot where they were. So cute!

The only downside to this book is that I wanted more. The characters feel realistic. The storyline has been hooked the whole time. I’m excited to see what Miller does next and I do hope we get to see more from these characters in the future.


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