Quarterly Check-In


Today I thought I give a little update my reading challenges and overall stats for the third quarter of the year. I cannot believed that 2019 and this decade is over!

This is the fourth part of this series. I decided to do this because A Year in Review posts are one of my favourite posts to do I thought I would do it on a somewhat regular basis. I will still be doing my Year in Review post to review the year because each of these check-ins have only been about books I’ve read that quarter.

Also there are pie charts! Yay for charts!

These stats look at all the books I’ve read so far in 2019, with a little disclaimer that not all the books have been released in 2019.


Reading Challenges



Goal: 52

Read: 131

Around the World in 52 Books:

Goal: 52

Read: 42

A to Z challenge

Goal: 26

Read: 21

There wasn’t much progress towards these two challenges, mostly because work had me feeling super burnt out and, honestly, I just wanted to read romance.



Star Ratings


Star Rating Q4


Again most of the books I’ve read sit in that 4 to 5 star rating — 4 of my read books I’ve given 5 stars, 8 have received 4.5 stars and  9 have received 4 stars. My lowest rated books for this quarter were Teacher’s Pet Wolf by Kati Wilde and Daddy Me by Ker Dukley & K. Webester. I gave both books 2.5 stars.

My average rating is 4 stars.

5 star reads

Here are my 5 star reads from October, November and Decemeber!




Genres Read


Genres Q4


To no surprise romance is back to being my favourite genre, which it has been for 3 of the 4 quarters. I’ve been loving the genre and I have so many backlist books to keep my occupied for 2020.

To break the genres down, I have read 11 romance books, 10 fantasy and 3 historical fiction, 1 graphic novel and 1 short story collection.

Target Audience

Target Audience Q4



Most of the books I’m reading are for an Adult audience which make sense since most of the book I did read where romance. I still do want to make Middle Grade priority. I might make this a goal for 2020.

I read 1 Middle Grade, 3 Young Adult and 22 Adult.




Format Q4


eBooks are still winning with 14 ( 11 ebook and 3 digital ARC)  Again I would love to prioritise reading more of the books I have on my shelves, especially since my library is now over 800 books a lot of which are unread. This causes me stress 😂😂😂

For the book I own,  I read 3 hardbacks and 9 paperbacks.

Series or Standalone


Series V. Standalone


Series are winning over standalone books, 18 series books (11 first books and 7 sequels) to only 8 standalone books.

Going into 2020, I am still trying to priorities sequels so I’m not in the middle of 10,000 series.



That’s all for me. Comment down below and let me know how you’re reading challenges wrapped up for 2019 and what books have been your favourite.

Until next time, happy reading!


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