2021 Reading Challenges & Goals


Thank god it is finally the end of 2020! What a disaster of a year, which I am sure we are glad to see the back of. I didn’t do all the well at sticking to my goals — in particular not buying books — but yet it was a horrible and stressful year so I’m not being too hard on myself.

So, since it’s only fitting, I thought I’d share with you my goals and challenges for 2021.


Goodreads Challenge

Hosted by: Goodreads

Goal: 100 books

I passed the 100 books no issue again this year so I figured I’d keep it for 2021. I am going back to study for most of this year so it might be a tight squeeze but I’m sure I can make it work.

||Check my progress||


Around the Year in 52 Books

Hosted by: LauraZazSophieEmm and Katie

Goodreads group

This is my favourite challenge that I have never completed 😂😂😂 and I am excited to dive into the 2021 prompts.

Since I am horrible when it comes to sticking to TRBs or Reading Lists because I rebel again assigned reading even if I’m the one to assign the reading and they are books they want to read(!!!), I am not going to pre-pick many of the books I’ll be reading but instead assigning it a prompt once I’ve finished rit.

||Check my progress||



I adored taking part in Romaceoploy last year — even though I didn’t finish the moon board — and I’m taking part again this year. As the name suggests this reading challenge is based on a Monopoly board and is hosted by PeaceLoveBooksxo and Under the Covers Book Blog.

Each of the town on the monopoly board has been replaced with a new genre to explore and each street has a unique challenge within that genre. Although, some neighbourhoods are a little more diverse and offer a melting pot of different genres to delve into.

This year I will also do the scenic route option to move around this board. For this route I’ll start at the “Go” square, roll the dice and move forward the number of squares I’ve rolled.

There hasn’t been an update as to what the 2021 Romanceopoly challenge will be and since I adore participating this year so I will be using the Sun board which I didn’t get to. I am also planning on finishing the challenges for the Moon board before I start on the new board because I am a completist.

||Check my progress||


Finishing Series

I do love reading nonfiction and classics but I need to be in the right headspace for them and 2020 was not the right headspace. So since I failed miserable at my challenge to read 7 nonfiction and 6 classic, I thought I should replace this challenge. As we know I am a huge series readers but I am terrible at finishing series. So this year finishing series will be my goal.

I am going to put the following titles in a TBR jar and pick two each month. If I pick a book later in the series, I will go with the book I am updated.

||Check my progress||


Shelf Mastery

202 was rough and to cheer myself up I brought books, lots and lots of books. So it’s really no surprise that I failed again at this goal and the number of unread books I’m my shelf is giving me anxiety. Buuuut I am hoping to get back on top of it and make sure in 2021 I am reading my own damn books for a change. I’m also going to do an annual after Christmas unhaul as I’m own 884 books and 471 of those are unread.

This project is inspired by Desirea of Libri Labra over on BookTube, who has started this Shelf Mastery challenge. The goal is to reduce the number of books you buy and read the one’s you own to help reduce that unread book anxiety.

I have used Desirea’s google file sheet to note down my books which are you more than welcome to check out, if you are nosy like me and want to know what books I currently own — Dearna’s Library.


That’s all for me. Let me know what your reading plans for 2020 are. 

Until next time,

Happy reading!

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