Hi all!

Since it’s the end of the year, which still doesn’t feel real, I thought I’d look back on my reading year with a survey.

I’ve adapted this from questions for Cait at paper fury. It looked like fun and the pie chats looked so cute. You will be glad to know that I found a way to simplify the pie chart making process, and now have a spreadsheet which I fill in throughout the year and it automatically makes the charts yay!!

Also this is for the all books I’ve read in 2020 so not all where released this year.

Reading Stats.jpg

Number of books read: 128
Number of rereads: 5

Reading Challenges

In 2020, I took part in three reading challenges:

  • Goodreads Challenges
  • Around the Year in 52 Books
  • Romanceopoly

Goodreads Challenge

I am beyond thrilled that I was able to read 100 books again this year. I owe this to dive into the romance genre. I couldn’t get enough of these books and I couldn’t put them down.

Around The Year in 52 Books

Goal: 52
Read: 43

While I never seem to finish this challenge I really do love it. I will do it again in 2021. I’ve figured out that I’m not so great when it comes to assigned reading, even if they’re books I actually want to read. So I’m pretty happy with this. This challenge feels like


Goal: 39
Read: 34

I am a little sad that I didn’t get to finish this challenge especially with how excited I was for this. The streets I didn’t get to on the Moon board were Burger Joint, The Cobbles, Soldier Street, The Office and Past Eaves. I am planning to completed the Sun board but since I am a completist I will finish these five street before starting the new board.

Star Ratings

I had a pretty good reading year this year. with most of my reading being 4 to 5 stars — I gave 34 books 4 starts, 27 received 4.5 stars and 24 received 5 star reads. My lowest rating was 2.5 stars which went to Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon. I really liked Dixon’s writing and like the way his explore the language barrier but I am just not a fan of all thing space and aliens. I am glad I tried this since it’s hugely popular

My average rating for the year was 4.1 stars

5 star reads.jpg

These are all my 5 star reads for the year!

Year Published

For 2020 I have stuck to reading books that have been published in the last five years or so. The spike in 2011-2016 continued into 2020 as I read through some well love romance titles.  I didn’t read many classics this year — despite having 6 I really wanted to get to — but I did managed to read 1 classic. The oldest book I read was The Iliad by Homer and translated by Stephen Mitchell, which is said to first published around 750 BC. It’s amusing to see the next oldest book I read was Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynn Jones which was published in 1986. 😂😂😂 What a gap!

I read 2 2021 releases — thank you to ARCs! —, 41 2020 releases (17 of which was ARCs), 99 book released in 2019, 26 of the books were released between 2017 and 2018, 23 were released between 2011 to 2016, 6 books released between 2006 to 2010, 5 books released between 2000 and 2005, 1 book released in the 1980s and 1 book released before the 1920s

For 2021 I’d like to see a wider rang of years published. So hopefully I can get to some classics and also some popular books form the 70s to 90s that are staples of their genres and that everybody has read but if I don’t get to them that’s all good. I don’t want to feel pressured to read anything and just want to read what I want.

Genres Read

2020 was the year of comfort reads so it’s no surprise that romance and paranormal where my two top genres. They were closely followed by my other two favourite genres, fantasy and historical fiction.

To breakdown the numbers; 66 were romance, 28 paranormal, 16 fantasy, 10 historical fiction, 2 literary fiction, 2 poetry and classics, contemporary, nonfiction and science fiction all had 1.

This was the first year that I have paranormal books in their own category. The biggest change is the massive drop in the number of fantasy books I’m not reading. In 2021 I would love to get to more of the fantasy titles on my shelves along with some more historical fiction.

Target Audience

The stats for target audience really do go hand in hand with the genres I’ve read. Since I’ve been reading mostly romance it’s no surprise that most of the books I’ve been reading are for an adult audience.

106 of the books were intended for an Adult audience, 13 were YA and 9 where Middle Grade.

I adore middle grade books and have a few new series on my shelf so hopefully I can get these and increase the amount of middle grade I read in 2021. I think the number of YA reads will increase in 2021 as one of my goals is to finish off some series and a fair few of those are YA series.


While it still looks like that I tend to favour digital books, I am glad to see the number of physical books I’m reading has increased. Hopefully that means I am actually steering towards reading the books I’ve bought. Moving into 2021, I am hoping to get to more physical copies as a way to switch off and take a break from technology.

I read 72 digital books (53 eBooks and 19 ARCs), 48 paperbacks and 8 hardbacks.

Page Numbers

I read 42,151 pages across 128 books. These number honestly blows my mind. I am beyond thrilled that I was still able to year over 100 books despite how challenging 2020 has been,

Just like with 2019, January was my biggest reading month. I finished 15 books and a total of 4,798 pages. I am clearly very motivated at the start on the year. On the flip side,November was my worst read month also like 2019. I read 2,228 pages across 7 books.

On average I read 11 books per month

Page Length.jpg

The shortest book I read was Their Second Chance by Katee Robert at 55 pages and the Rocked to the Core anthology was the longest book I read at 812 pages.

My average book length in 2020 was 326 pages.

Series or Standalone

Yep, I am still very much a series reader. You have no idea how thrilled I am to see that the number of sequels I am reading is very close to the number of first books in a series I am reading! I might be learning to complete series rather then staring them all and never reading anything else 😂😂😂..

I read 26 standalones, 52 first books in a series and 50 series sequels.

Hopefully in 2021 the number of sequels I am reading surpasses the number of first books. I’d also like to get to a few more standalones since there is something satisfying about a story that starts and ends in the same book.


That’s all for me. Comment down below and let me know what your favourite read of 2020 was 

Until next time, happy reading and wishing you all a happy New Year!

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