Blog Tour: Shadow of Twilight

Author: Heather Smith

First Published: 16 February 2021

Rating: 3 out of 5.

“As if reading her mind, Gabriel whispered, ‘You’re everything I’ll ever need.’”    

I will start by saying that I was given an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review. These opinions are my own. Thank you so much to Read the Write Book Tours and Heather for sending a copy my way! I am very thankful for be part of this Blog Tour. 

From the moment Amelia’s mother was brutally murdered, her father made sure she knew to never reveal the secrets of her lineage and the powers that it possessed. But no one warned her of what would be unleashed when she met her fated mate. When she shakes Alpha Gabriel’s hand, Amelia knew right away that he was her mate, and dread quickly set in.

Once they completed their bond, Amelia begins to receive dreams, warning her of an attack. An old enemy is lurking in the shadows, watching as she matures into the wolf she is destined to be, but can she figure out who he is and how he’s connected to her past, or will she be too late to save her pack, her family, and her mate?

The nightmares are only the beginning as a new wave of powers overwhelm her. It’s a battle of wills, hearts, and minds, with their lives on the line, and Amelia must decide what she’s willing to give up.

I always need werewolf books in my life! Shadow of Twilight was a fun ride. There were some interesting aspects to the werewolf lore, which was something I had seen before. I am excited to see this explored in the rest of the series.

Amelia cannot wait for her life to begin. Amelia has taken on the role of Luna for the Wandering Moon pack since the death of her mother. She’s excited to escape these responsibilities and backpack from country to country. Amelia wasn’t expecting to meet her fated mate, Gabriel, on the night of her twin become Alpha of Wandering Moon.

The werewolves in Shadow of Twilight are slightly different from any I’ve read before. Their wolves have their own names and identity, rather than being another part of them. I loved seeing the dynamic between Amelia and Rey since the pair doesn’t always see eye to eye. There is also a spiritual element to the packs. They worship the moon goddess, which is an interesting take on the werewolf mythos.  

This book has my all-time favourite romance trope: fates mates. Theirs is just something I love about this trope. We know that they will get together, but half the fun is watching them fall in love. The romance is a slow burn. There is some tension between Amelia and Gabriel as they learn to communicate and get to know each other.

Amelia never wanted a mate. She doesn’t want to be tied into the female role in a pack, especially not the role of the Luna. The Luna of the pack is expected to run the household, organise events and everything else typical of a housewife. When faced with her mate, Amelia leaves her family and joins her mate’s pack. She kept on the outside. Amelia shunned away from the duties of the Luna in favour of training with the pack warriors. I loved how she didn’t bend to the traditional roles the pack places on women.

Gabriel is a grumpy hero, which is generally something I adore, but I did not like his alpha male tendencies. It reminded me of early paranormal romance. He expected Amelia to move to his pack after the ceremony. He was resistant to the changes Amelia was making to the gender roles in the Twilight Moon pack. We do get to see the softer side to him as the pair gets to know each other. While I get that he’s a werewolf, I just wished the ‘alpha male’ animalistic traits weren’t included.

That ending! Wow. All I’m going to say is that I need to the sequel now. I am interested to see how Amelia, Gabriel and the rest of the Twilight Moon Pack deal with the ongoing threat.

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