Bold Rhythm

Author: Gabrielle Sands

First Published: 01 March 2022

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

“You know how I determine if something’s worth pursing? It’s Simple. It is if it makes me scared as shit. The best things in life exist on the other side of that fear.”

I will start by saying that I was given an ARC will start by saying that I was given an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review. These opinions are my own. Thank you so much to Gabrielle for sending a copy my way.

I told them they’d never make it. Three years later, they’re two of the hottest rock stars in LA.
And I’m their new assistant.

When my boss told me she signed a new client, the last people I expected at the meeting were two ghosts from my past.
Mason, the gorgeous blue-eyed boy from my hometown who stomped all over my heart. And Kaz, his dark and brooding best friend, wrapped in mystery and ink.

I kissed them once back in college. Yes, both of them.

It was the same night I told them they were making a colossal mistake dropping out to move to LA. Now they’re the rock band that’s been blowing up the charts, and they’re ready to take their stardom to the next level–and I’m supposed to help them do it.

This wasn’t the job I signed up for, but if I want to make it in LA, I need to suck it up and impress my boss–even if the men I’m supposed to be helping are determined to not give me a single, damn break.

We don’t need to be friends.
I just need to keep it professional while we spend long, long days in close quarters.

Easier said than done.

Bold Rhythm is the third book in the River Valley Rebels series. You can read it as a standalone, but I highly recommend reading the rest of this series. I knew I would love Molly and Mason together since I have wanted them to get together for so long, but I was not expecting Kaz to be the one I first fell in love with. I devoured this book! Bold Rhythm has everything I would ever want – a menage relationship that has both a second chance and enemies to lovers trope, rockstars, forced proximity and lots of angst and spice.

Molly always had a thing for Mason and was devastated when he dropped out of college with his new friend, Kaz, to pursue their band, Last Rites. Before they move to LA, Molly manages to kiss them both and tell Mason that his band will never make it. Fast forward three years, Molly is working at a music management firm and is assigned to be the assistant of the newest signed band, Last Rites.

Molly is one of the strongest, and most stubborn characters I have ever read. She is determined to make it on her own so she can no longer be a burden to her sister. She fast-tracked her degree so she could get a job and find independence. She wants to do everything herself, so she does not show any weakness, which honestly was so relatable. Molly is determined to stay in a job that she is not excited about because it comes with financial security and does not see the point in pursuing her dreams. Kaz and Mason do everything in their power to show Molly that her dreams are valid. They work together to prove that she has the talent to become a photographer. It made my heart melt.

Each character has demons they need to face. Mason is struggling with a diagnosis. Kaz is reeling from his toxic family bonds that he is unsure whether he should try and connect with his birth father. Molly refuses to ask for help, even if the alternative would put her in a slightly dangerous situation. It was beautiful to see how the romantic relationship that blooms between the three of them helps to soothe and heal these wounds. I adore the balance we get between the character and relationship development alongside some truly excellent steamy scenes.

The spice in this book is no joke. The steam levels are off the charts. In fact, I am still cooling off after the party scene. That scene was everything. The chemistry between the three is off the charts. First off, Kaz and Molly start a casual fling, which quickly becomes something more. And then Mason and Molly finally talk through their past and quickly rekindle their old flame. I adore Kaz and Mason’s friendship, and it just seemed natural that the only solution would be that they both date Molly.

Music plays a big part in the narrative, which I adore. Most of the story focuses on documenting Mason and Kaz’s writing and recording process as they work on their latest single. Through Molly’s job, we also get an insight into the business side of the music industry.

I adore that we get to set the Adaline and the boys from Bleeding Moon. Their relationship is still going strong after all these years. It was so sweet to see how the guys have adopted Molly as their little sister.

This was a fantastic addition to the series. I am in awe with how Gabrielle can write these well rounded, slow burn, poly relationships. I would absolutely love it if we could get more books in this series. I do not want to leave this world!

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