Quarterly Check-in


I have really been slacking on the blog front. I am trying to get into the habit of writing more full length reviews so watch this space. This quarter has been crazy work wise and I started uni again so I didn’t want to add too much pressure to blog.

But to get back into the swing of blogging, I thought I’d share my reading starts for the first quarter of 2022 — I am still reeling that we are already 3 months into the year. That’s right I am bringing the pie charts back! Yay for charts!

These stats look at all the books I’ve read in January, February and March. While I read them in 2022 not all the books have been released in 2022.


Reading Challenges


Goal: 100

Read: 33

Around the World in 52 Books:

Goal: 52

Read: 21


Goal: 39

Read: 18

I am on track with all of these. In fact, I think at this point, I think I am doing better in my Around the World in 52 Books and Romanceopoly than I did all last year. Both of these challenges are fun and I try and fit the books I read to the challenges so if I don’t finish them I won’t be too sad.

I am also making good progress on the finishing series challenge. I’ve read 4 out of the 21 books. And with this, I have completed reading 4 series!

To see the listed a prompts and which one’s I’ve crossed off head to my Reading Challenges page.

Star Ratings

I have been picker with giving out 5 star reads but in saying that I have still enjoyed at lot of the books I’ve read. I gave 5 books a 5 stars rating, 11 received 4.5 stars rating and 7 have received 4 stars.

The lowest rating I gave this quarter is 3 stars, which is still a win in eyes. These books I still enjoyed but they just weren’t overall memorable. My 3 star reads are Too Hot to Handle by Tessa Bailey, Seeker by Veronica Rossi, Claimed by Cupid by Dana Islay (I will note that after everything that went on with this author I will not be reading any more of her books) and The Portal by Kathryn Lasky.

My average rating is 4.1 stars.

5 star reads

Here are my 5 star reads from January, February & March!

Genres Read

There isn’t much of a change with my favourite genres. Romance and Paranormal are my top genres, like normal. What can I say? All I want is romantic stories with a side tof he supernatural.

To break the genres down, I have read 15 romance books, 9 paranormal, 6 fantasy and 3 historical fiction.

Target Audience

Like normal, most of the books I’m reading are for an adult target audience. This makes sense given the number of romance books I’ve been reading. I am thrilled to see that I did get to more Middle Grade books than normal, thank you Middle Grade March.

I read 3 Middle Grade, 2 Young Adult and 28 Adult.


Physical books are back to being my preferred format this quarter — I will be interested to see what happens next quarter. I am pretty thrilled about this as it means I am reading the books I own.

My guilt for not getting to my ARCs is still riding at an all time high. I did try a TBR jar but being the moody mood reader that I am, I’ve mostly ignored it. I might try and set a week aside this next quarter to read ARCs.

I read a total of 17 physical books (10 paperbacks and 7 hardbacks) and 16 digital books (15 eBooks and 1 eARCs).

Series or Standalone

I will always be a series reader. I just loved getting lost into a world. So no surprise to see that I read 31 series books (13 first books and 18 sequels) compared to 2 standalones.

I am thrilled to see that I am reading more sequels than first books, but I would like to see


That’s all for me. Comment down below and let me know how you’re reading challenges are going so far and what books have been your favourite so far

Until next time, happy reading!


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