January 2016 Wrap Up

Hi all! Today I’m sharing with you my thoughts on all the books I read in the first month of the New Year. I am very happy with my reading this month as I read a total of 12 books, which is possibly the most I’ve read in a month.

January TBR challenge: 5/6 which I am really happy with, I read a lot of YA this month so I’m not fussed I didn’t get to the last book.

Number of pages read: 4,241

Average pages read per day: 137

Here’s a breakdown of what I read this month

  • 1 Classic
  • 1 Graphic Novel
  • 4 YA
  • 2 Historical
  • 2 Re-reads (both of which were YA)
  • 2 Non-Fiction

Of these books male authors wrote 3 and 9 were written by female authors.

Now onto the books!



  • Fruits Basket, Vol. 1 by Natsuki Takaya; I adore the anime so of course I decided I was going to read the books. I’m not sure if it was the library copy I had, but the story felt disjointed and jumped around a lot. I’m glad I’ve already watched the anime so I knew what was happening. But overall I was disappointed because I loved this series and hoped the books would give me more. I figure I will  read the second one before I decide to give up on this series.
  • Last Breath (#11 The Morganville Vampires) by Rachel Caine; I have made it my goal this year to finally finish this series, so you will see more of these book popping up in my wraps. I adore this series, it’s a lot of fun and I love the Glass House gang. I think with this book being the 11th in the series, the plot feel similar and it wraps up perfectly in a book or two, it’s formulaic. But despite this, I really do love this series.

3 1:2


  • Perfume: The Story of a Murderer by Patrick Suskind; This is a very beautiful written book with a fascinated premise. Overall I really enjoyed this book. The main character, Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, was especially creepy and make my skin crawl – but in a good way. At first the descriptors of scent was beautiful and vivid I could almost smell what Suskind was describing. However towards the end, I think I was over-sensitised to the long winded descriptors and wished had been edited down. I did enjoyed the other perspectives Suskin explore. But at time I felt the Suskind moved to the perspective when Grenouille’s perspective would’ve been the most interesting to stay in. The ending was amazing and one I didn’t expect at all. A beautiful book that I highly recommend if you’re okay with read dark and twisted books.
  • Black Dawn (#12 The Morganville Vampires) by Rachel Caine; I won’t say much about this book since it is the 12th of the series and that I prised this series with the pervious book. I adore this, perfect way to wrap up this plot-line even if it was a little too convenient.



  • The Rebel Prince (#3 Moorehawke Trilogy) by Celine Kiernan; I not sure If I has read this book straight after the first two, if I would’ve felt different. Overall I enjoy this conclusion to the trilogy. I had some problems with Wynter and how she treated her boyfriend during this book. But the ending was everything I every wanted! I wish more people would read this series, it is very underrated.
  • The War of Art: Break Through the Block & Win Your Inner Creative Battles by Steven Pressfield; This book is the perfect pick-me-up for when stuck in a some kind of creative block – in my case writer’s block. The book is filled with bite-size essay, explaining resistance and ways to over come it. While I wasn’t the biggest fan of all the references to God, I enjoyed Pressfield’s advice. This is a book I will dip in and out of when I need inspiration.

4 1:2


  • Skin by Ilka Tampke; This was a book that I was sad I didn’t get to last year but was a perfect way to start off 2016. Tampke really brought Iron Age Britain to life – the tribal aspect and religion of the Britons was beautifully described and vivid. I adore Ailia, the politics of the tribe and the panic stirred by the Roman Invasion. I cannot wait for the second book in the series and I highly, highly recommend. If you’re unsure because you’re not a huge fan of historical fiction please give it a try. There are  parts of the novel that is very fantastical and perfect for any fantasy lover.
  • The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh; I adore this book. I loved exploring a different culture and Ahdieh described it beautifully. I’m not very familiar with the A  Thousand and One Nights story but I think is was a perfect retelling. I loved watching the affection and relationship bloom between Shahrzad and Khalid. The reason I didn’t give this book a 5 stars is that I felt lost a little during some perspective changes – that might be my fault not the book’s. I cannot wait for the final book to see how this story wraps up.
  • The Pale Horseman by Bernard Cornwell; This was the perfect follow up to The Last Kingdom. For those who have watched/are watching the BBC adaptation this is were the season ends. I love Uhtred’s character and cannot wait to see how he grows and where he ends up. Cannot wait to pick up the next book in this series.



  • The Poison Throne (#1 Moorehawke Trilogy) and The Crowded Shadows (#2 Moorehawke Trilogy) by Celine Kiernan; These were both re-reads for me and I cannot tell you how much I loved diving back into this world. These books have amazing characters the prefect mix of magic, intrigue and adventure. Also the second book features the most adorable LBGT+ couple – I love them so much. More people need to read these book so I share my love of them with someone!
  • Lost in Translation by Ella Frances Sanders; This is an adorable little book that I firmly believe that everyone should read. It goes through 50 different beautiful words that are untranslatable in English. Seriously, pick it up! You won’t be sorry!

That’s all for me today, let me know what you’ve read or if you have an recommendation based of these books mentioned.

Until next time, happy reading!


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