Middle Grade March Wrap Up


I can’t believe March is over! I had a ton of fun getting to the middle grade fiction that has been sitting on my shelves for literal years. Also hoping to continue to remember to read more middle grade fiction throughout the year.

The readathon was hosted by Krista of BookAndJams and Katie of Life Between Worlds over on BookTube. So thank you to those wonderful ladies for creating this event!

I will say, I’m not going to review these books because my reading wrap up be posted soon and I would end up repeating myself.


There was five challenges and in March I got to three of these books. The book covers in colour below are the ones I read.




The challenges I completed are:

  •  Nonfiction book or book based on true events

  • With a nonhuman protagonist or significant side character

  • Fantasy  


That’s all for me. Comment down below and let me know if you took part in the Middle Grade March and what your favourite Middle Grade book is. 

Until next time, happy reading!

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