Kindle Unlimited Readathon TBR


I am so excited that a group of romance reading Booktubers are getting together to host the Kindle Unlimited Readathon. There are no specific challenges or prompts for this readathon, the only goal is to read as much Kindle Unlimited books as you can over the weekend.

The readathon will take place over the weekend of the 27 December to 29 December. It’s hosted by Jess from PeaceLoveBooksxo,  Riley from Riley Marie, Chelsea from ChelseaDollingReads, Chandler from Chandler Ainsley, Lacey from LaceyBookLovers, Melissa from Melissa H, Shelby from Shelby Taggart Reads, Averie from averielovesbooks, Steph from Steph’s Romance Book Talk and Bree from Bree Hill.

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N.E.W.T.s Magical Readathon 2019 TBR


This year marks the second year of the N.E.W.T.s readathon which is hosted on BookTube by G from Book Roast. It’s a month long Harry Potter themed readathon where each for each book you read, will go towards your N.E.W.T exams. This is a continuation of the O.W.L.s readathon which happened in April.

Unlike with the O.W.L.s were you are only required to complete one book per subject, in the N.E.W.Ts you may be required to read multiple books per subject to prove your skill. Each subject in the N.E.W.Ts will contain three prompts, each for a specified grade. The grades are Acceptable (A), Exceeded Expectations (E) and Outstanding (O).

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The Reading Rush 2019 TBR


I am so excited that The Reading Rush – formally known as The Booktubeathon – is back! This was the first readathon I ever took part it in.

The Reading Rush is a one-week reading challenge from the 22 July to 28 July. It’s hosted by Ariel Bissett and Raeleen May.

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Medieval-A-Thon TBR


A theme of this year seems to be me finding out about readathons super last minute then decided it sounds fun and posting a TBR. And my friends, today is no different. I’m here to share my TBR for the Medieval-A-Thon.

Medieval-A-Thon is a month long reading challenge hosted by Booktuber Holly from Holly Heats Books. It starts on the 1st of July and wraps up on 31st of July.

The goal is to read book to increase your nobility and, by completing the prompts, assembling your armour and weapons.

On to the books!

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O.W.L.s Magical Readathon 2019 TBR


This year marks the second year of O.W.L.s readathon which is hosted on BookTube by G from Book Roast. It’s a month long Harry Potter themed readathon where each for each book you read, you pass one of your O.W.L exams. To pass the readathon, you will have to get your OWL in 2 subjects. This will get you at the Acceptable level. Six books will get you an Exceeded Expectations, where 9 will get you an Outstanding.

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Books I’d Like to Get to Before 2018 is Over


Today I thought I share with you some of the books I would love to get to before the end of this month—side note: I cannot believe 2018 is pretty much done and dusted! Where does the time go!

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Nonfiction November TBR


This year marks the fourth year of Nonfiction November, which is a month long quest to read as more nonfiction books than you usually do.

This challenge is hosted by Olive of A Book Olive and Gemma of Non Fic Books over on booktube.

There are four categories that you can use if you’re looking for an extra challenge.

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Autumn Readathon TBR


The Autumn Readathon is a one-week readathon that’s hosted by one of my favourite booktubers, Mercedes from MercysBookishMusings. This is the readathon’s second year and has prompts based around autumnal themes.

There are four prompts and two bonus prompts. I will say I don’t think I’ll be able to through all of the prompts but it’s still fun to pick a book for each one.

The #Autumnreadathon runs from Saturday 20th to Friday 26th October.

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The Readathon To Rule Them All TBR


The Readathon To Rule Them All is an awesome two week, all fantasy reading challenge. The challenge runs from Sunday 29 April to Saturday 12 May. There are 8 challenges all up but the main aim of the readthon is to read as much SFF as you can cram into 14 days.

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5 Star Book Predictions


How are you? Tell me all the things you’re reading!

Today I thought I do something a little different and share with you 5 books I have yet to read but think will be 5 star reads. I’ve been wanting to do this since I saw Mercedes from Mercy’s Bookish Musings video. I think it’s a really interesting exercise in seeing just how well you know your own reading tastes.

So the way this works is that I will share with you 5 books I think will be new favourites and why I think so. Then, once I’ve read them all, I will come back and share my thoughts and rating and see if I was right.

Onto the books!


The Wild Girl by Kate Forsyth

The Wild Girl

I recently went to the Historical Novel Society of Australasia’s conference and got to hear Kate Forsyth talk — spoiler she was amazing! This book tells the story of Dortchen Wild the wife of Wilhelm Grimm and how she share fairytales with her husband. This sounds like it is going to be a perfect mix of fairytale and history and I can’t wait.


The Diviners by Libba Bray


I’ve had this book to me recommended so many times by people who I trust so I think I should just get to it. It was everything I love in a book, awesome historical setting, magic, young adult protagonist, with a bit of crime.


The Reckoning by Sharon Penman


For me, this might be a safe bet seeing how I have yet to give any Sharon Penman book less than 5 stars. But I thought I’d include it because it is the last in the series and that always worries me a little. This is the third in her Welsh Prince’s trilogy and follows Llewlyn, Prince of Wales who finds himself on a collision course with the feudal realm of Edward I.


The Princess Bride by William Goldman

The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride is hands down one of my favourite movies, Westley was my first movie crush. I am hoping the book will also become a favourite. I have high hopes because William Goldman also wrote the screenplay. This story has everything; humour, fencing, fighting, true love, giants, revenge and pirates. What else do you need?


The Last Days of Leda Grey by Essie Fox

Leda Grey

This is a book I brought because of the cover and I kept hearing about it. It’s not a period of history that I normally read but was one I saw drawn to after seeing it Historia Magazine. I haven’t hear anything else about this books but I’m excited. It follows silent actress, Leda Grey and her volatile love affair that left her recluse for over half a century.


That’s it for me. Comment down below and let me know what books you think will be 5 star reads.
Until next time, happy reading!