November 2018 Wrap Up


I am here with November Wrap Up. This month I read a total of 8 books and a total of 3,238 pages.

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October 2018 Wrap Up


I am here with October Wrap Up. This month I read a total of 7 books and 1,841 pages.

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June 2018 Wrap Up


I am here with June Wrap Up. This month I read a total of 4 books and 1,269 pages.

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May 2018 Wrap Up


I am here with May 2018 Wrap Up … and only a touch delayed. In May read a total of 5 books and 1,378 pages.

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Febuary 2018 Wrap Up


I am here with a late Febuary 2018 Wrap Up! Still not really reaching the whole consistent blogging but fingers crossed I can get more organised this month and do the things.😂 Maybe by the end of the year you’ll get regular blog posts for me.

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November 2017 Wrap Up


I am here with my November 2017 Wrap Up! These are the book I read in November. I took part in Nonfiction November and am very pleased that I read 3 nonfiction books, which doubles the nonfiction I’ve read this year.

I read a total of 10 books which was way more than I thought. I read 3 Nonfiction, 1 Contemporary, 2 Historical Fiction, and 4 Fantasy.

Onto the ratings!



The Boy Made of Snow by Chloe Mayer
I have already done a  full review on this book and in case you’ve missed me going on and on about this book; I loved it. Thank you so much to NetGalley and the publisher for sending a copy my way. I adore this book, which was a big surprise for me since I’m not a fan of WWII fiction. But Mayer’s writing is stunning. I found myself slowing my reading pace and rereading paragraphs just so I could savuor it. This a beautifully crafted novel that takes the dangers of living during WWII, twists them with the whimsy of fairytales and lets you deep inside a broken family who are trying to hard to be ‘normal’. This is a story that I’ll be hard-pressed to forget. I highly recommend

Monstrous Creatures (The World of Lore #1)  by Aaron Mahnke 
I adore the podcast and am so thrilled to have a copy of some of the transcripts in one book. The way Mahnke weaves the stories are amazing and had me reading faster to find out what happened. I loved his sarcastic little comments as they reflect what any modern person would like. If you love all things creepy and spooky this book o for you. Warning if you’re get creeped out by dolls don’t not read, Unboxed, that story still hunts me and has me jumping at shadows!



Bayou Born (The Foundling #1)  by Hailey Edwards 
I have already done a full review on this book and in case you’ve missed me going on and on about the world in this book. Thank you so much to NetGalley and the publisher for sending a copy my way. This was such a fun read. I adore Luce and sense of humour had me laughing aloud numerous times. Definitely wasn’t expecting it to go in the direction it did but am super glad it did. I cannot wait for the next book and see what Luce gets up to next!

Wild Embrace (Psy-Changeling #15.5) by Nalini Singh

So I rounded out this month by reading more of the Psy-Changeling books—I am sad to say I only have 1 more short story collection left until the next one comes out, It is going to be a long wait! This is a collection and features 4 stories which take place in and around the later books in the series. Echo of Silence features human engineer Tazia Nerif who work in a deep-sea station where the lines between her and her telekinetic Psy station commander. We get a look at Dorian exploring his new found leopard form in his self-titled story. Partners in Persuasion we see the relationship develop between dominant leopard Dezi and submissive wolf Felix who’s still raw for being burnt by a dominate female. Lastly we get to look at wolf lieutenant’s Kenji and Garent deal with the fall out of their complicated past. Safe to say I loved these little bite size stories. I adore getting to see more and more of this world.


Silver Silence (Psy-Changeling #16 Psy-Changeling Trinity #1) by Nalini Singh
StoneWater alpha bear, Valentine, has never met a more fascinating woman than psy Sliver Merchant. I loved getting to see the bear and all I can say is why did it take so long?! This is the first book in the next join series which Nalini describes as being like season 2. I love getting to look at Silver who’s a character who’s being floating around for a while.

Secrets at Midnight (Psy-Changeling #12.5) by Nalini Singh
Bastian, a dominate leopard changeling, is frustrated. He should be able to follow the sent of his mate anywhere but he lost the scent after finding it two weeks earlier. However it’s not long before he finds her, Kirby is an all-too-human woman with a raging chaos inside of her that he doesn’t understand, secrets that whisper awake at midnight and cause her terrible pain. I saw these two in Allegiance of Honor and thought they were so adorable so I’m very happy to read what happened with these two even if it did give the twist away.


The Gods of Olympus: A History by Barbara Graziosi
I really enjoyed this book! I loved seeing the ways in which the Greek Gods’ presence has continued through the ages. Just goes to show the empires don’t destroy their the culture of those it conquers but rather adapts it for its on purpose.

Live by Night (Coughlin #2) by Dennis Lehane 
I did not know that this was part of a series when I picked it up. But I didn’t feel lost reading it so that’s a plus. Live by Night follows Joseph “Joe ” Coughlin embarks on a dizzying journey up the ladder of organized crime that takes him from the flash of Jazz Age Boston to the sensual shimmer of Tampa’s Latin Quarter to the sizzling streets of Cuba. I really enjoyed looking at the organised crime that sprung up thanks to Prohibition. It was also refreshing to see it set in somewhere other than New York or Chicago. I might have to track down copies of the other books in the trilogy.



Royal Pains: A Rogues’ Gallery of Brats, Brutes, and Bad Seeds by Leslie Carroll
Really great overview of some of history’s most controversial royals. For me I didn’t enjoy some because they feel in time periods I’m not a fan of. Overall Carroll’s written is entertaining and structured in a way that’s easy to digest.

Rock Addiction (Rock Kiss #1)  by Nalini Singh
Since I had finished most of the Psy-Changeling books I thought I’d try one of Nalini’s other series and this one had the whole bad boy rockstars. I’m not a huge fan of contemporaries so safe to say it wasn’t really for me. It was a fun read however I had a few problems with it mostly how fast the romance moved along for a protagonist who had spent most of the book saying how she didn’t want to open up to someone as she’d be hurt before. This book really lacked the intricate world building that the Changeling series has. But I did enjoy that it was set in New Zealand.


That’s it for me. Comment down below and let me know what you’re favourite read in November was.
Until next time, happy reading!

T5W: Genre Benders

Hi again! It’s been ages since I’ve done one of these and it’s Wednesday so why not? Today’s topic is Genre Benders – in other words those books that seem to defy genre labels.

This was last weeks topics but I was struggling to think of anything for this week’s topic so I’m just going to go with it.

Top 5 Wednesday was created over on BookTube by the wonderful Laniey at gingerreadslaniey and run by the lovely Sam of Thoughts on Tomes . Also you can check out the Goodreads page for past and future topics.

The books are listed in no particular order.

Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh

Slave to Sensation

If you’ve been around my blog or Instagram for a while you may notice that I’ve become completely obsessed with Nalini Singh’s Psy-Changeling series. This book is one the list because I think it’s been marketed as a romance, which it definitely is, but that doesn’t take away from the urban fantasy, sci-fi elements that help to round out this world.

If you’re looking for a urban series that is filled with political intrigue and swoon worthy romances please, please pick this up!

Bayou Born by Hailey Edwards

Bayou Born


This books is part detective mystery, part urban fantasy. I know it’s being marketed as an urban fantasy but the detective procedure is just as important to the plot. Which maybe a trope in urban fantasy but I still wanted to mention it!

Sound interesting I have uploaded a full review if you want to know more!

Cross Stitch/Outlander by Diana Gabaldon


Time travel, romance all set in the Scottish Highlands in the 16th century. This was the first historical time travel novel and I, like everyone else, am completely in love with it. Diana has done a fantastic job of balancing the sci fi and historical elements.

The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller

Sone of Achilles

Adventure, coming of age, romance, fantasy, retelling and historical fiction are just a few of the genres I can think that fits this novel. Madeline weaves together all these elements seamlessly in her beautifully lyrical writing. This is one of my favourite books of all time because it’s one of the few that actually shows the romance between Achilles and Patroclus. Highly, highly recommend!

Cassandra by Kerry Greenwood


Kerry Greenwood bring the myth of the Trojan War to life complete with the fantastical Gods and well researched time setting. Myth and history intertwine to give voice to silenced Trojan Princess, Cassandra.

I have a full review of this one if you’re interested! This one might be hard to track down if you don’t like in Australia, but trust me it’s worth the effort if you do!

That’s all for me. Comment down below and let me know if you’ve read any of these or some of your favourite genre defying books.
Until next time, happy reading!

Bayou Born

Author: Hailey EdwardsBayou Born

Publisher: Hachette Australia

Published: 31 October 2017

Rating: 4 stars

Professional Reader

‘The urge to pat him came out of nowhere. One did not pat grown men in praise for learning a new trick.’

I will start by saying that I was given an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review. These opinions are my own.

This book is a mystery, thriller all wrapped up in an urban fantasy bow. Bayou Born follows the story of strange wild child who was found in the swampy bayou of Canton, Mississippi. She had no memories, no family and is covered in mysterious markings; swirls of metal bands embedded into her skin. The policeman, Edward Boudreau, who rescued her, adopts her. 15 years later Luce follows in the footsteps of her beloved father and joins the police force determined to prove her worth and distance herself from her controversial past.

Luce and her partner, Rixton, are working on finding missing girl, Angel Claremont, when there’s a call about a body in the swamp. On arrival they discover this isn’t the girl they were looking for because of the strange markings on her skin. Markings that match Luce’s own. A freelance security group called The White Horse show up on the scene to help. They’ve been hired by Angel’s parents to help with the rescue effort. The security group stays to help fish out the unconscious Jane Doe. Hope blooms within Luce. Maybe this is her chance to find out about her past, a chance to learn about her markings and her family. From here the story unfolds with Luce trying to find the missing girl and helping Jane Doe. However, there’s more of a battle ahead than Luce could possibly imagine. She may be an orphan without a past, but no one – including Luce herself – could ever be prepared for the truth of her dark, powerful destiny.

This was a fantastic start to a new series. The world building was amazing. I really enjoyed that we got to spend time with Luce and get to know the cases she’s working on before the fantastical elements kicked in. It was like the more Luce unraveled in the case the more it became obvious that it wasn’t the work of a regular person. The magic elements went in a direction that I did not expect but I super glad they did. I haven’t read many books like it.

I love seeing the relationship Luce had formed and how different they were. I also adore that a female friendship, between Luce and schoolteacher, Maggie, was at the heart of this novel. These relationships are hugely important to see especially given the bullying and ostracised nature of how the other people in Canton treat her.

Luce herself is a well-crafted character. Yes she is snarky and gives off a vibe of apathy but that’s not all. We see just how much she does care through her relentless word effort. She wants to fit it so much, despite what she may say, that she join a career where the staff take care of one another. Her humor is darkly funny and at time self-deprecating which again is another layer to keep her from being venerable. I found her highly relatable.

I cannot wait for the second book! So many questions left unsaid. Highly recommend for any urban fantasy fan out there.